Working with Stacy was a pleasure, she was professional, reliable and most importantly, her work was superb. I really appreciated how she took ownership of the project; following up on appointments and making sure that our clients felt comfortable during the photo-shoot. I would definitely recommend Stacy for any photography needs ~ Hannah Rich, Professional Services Manager, CIO Solutions

"This is the best portrait of me that anyone has ever taken!" 

~Brian Coryat Entrepreneur/Business Owner,

"After meeting Stacy and working with her for a day and a half on this photography project, I was completely overwhelmed with her ability to create ART with only the elements around her and the subjects before her. She is truly an artist who happens to be a wonderful photographer. If you need a photographer, an artist and a truly wonderful person to work with, Stacy is IT!" ~ David Chapa, Engagement/Wedding Client

 Stacy Bloodworth * Freelance Photographer *(805)698-4618 *